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Additional Services

Presentations / Seminars / Workshops

Please contact me if I can help with either a specific presentation as part of an overall programme (as in a conference), a part day seminar or whole day workshop aimed at bringing you, your colleagues or your customers up to date with turf disease problems. Each talk or workshop will be tailored to your specific need and can range from a broad over-view to an in-depth focus on a certain topic. I am also happy to provide information or photographs that you can use in publications or presentations and all that I ask is for an acknowledgement.

Site visits

Although the majority of turf disease problems can be best confirmed from sample analysis, there are occasions where a site visit is the most appropriate way to proceed. This is especially the case with recurring issues or localised problems that are likely to be related to environment. Visits can be arranged and quoted for on request and will focus only on the turf disease problem(s) and any factors that may be contributing to symptom development. A report will be issued after the visit. Please note that I do not provide a general agronomy service

Invertebrate pests

There are a relatively small number of specific invertebrate / insect pest problems of amenity turf and I can help by confirming the presence of these known species. However, I do not provide a full entomology service. If you need formal insect identification, I can provide contact details for labs that will be able to help.

After over 30 years of studying turf diseases and problems, I have developed a general interest in ‘when things go wrong’. If I don’t have the knowledge or means to help directly, I am likely to know someone who can. All information will be treated in confidence and I am always happy to put you in touch with other labs or persons who may be able to help.