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Sending a turf sample from the UK

Click here to download all the information on this page as a pdf, including the address label and sample submission form

Both fungal disease analysis and assessment of free-living plant parasitic nematodes services are available.

  1. Ensure that you have taken the appropriate samples (please see below) and that they are labelled so that you can relate the results to the sampled locations
  2. Please complete the online Sample Submission Form OR email a completed form to me OR print and enclose it with your shipment
  3. Please email me or WhatsApp photographs to show the general symptom development
  4. Pack your samples and send them by 1 to 2 day delivery to ensure that samples arrive in a good condition for assessment (please email me the tracking details of your shipment)
  5. Please send your turf sample(s) to the address below (click the picture to print):
  6. shipping label UK

What should I sample?

Turf samples for fungal disease analysis

A ‘SAMPLE’ may contain one or more pieces of turf but as long as they are all taken from the same local area (i.e. golf Green, sports Pitch), they will be treated as one sample. It is important that examples of all developing symptoms are received. If you are in any doubt about what to send in, please contact me.

Sampling procedure

Fungal disease can develop rapidly and as the turf decays, it becomes increasingly colonised by a variety of fungi and bacteria. These secondary infections can hinder diagnosis of the initial problem.

Send samples of the turf that show new or recent symptom development and wrap the samples to keep the sward clear of rootzone contamination.

  • Use a golf hole-changer to take a sample from the leading edge of the symptoms
  • The core sample should be taken to at least 8cm depth or to include the root tips if deeper than 8cm
  • Place some paper towel on the sward and wrap the whole sample tightly in dry newspaper. The sample can be further wrapped in aluminium (kitchen) foil to help keep the profile intact during shipment
  • LABEL THE SAMPLE so that you will know which area the results relate to
  • Pack the samples TIGHTLY inside a cardboard box using bubble wrap or similar packing material
  • Enclose your contact details and general information on symptom development
  • Send the sample by 1 to 2 day delivery and email photographs of the symptoms
fungal sampling

Many fungal disease problems can be assessed using small core samples – so we can work with what you are able to send